MACJR'S Genealogy Site

About this website

This website is divided into three parts. The first part of the MACJR’S Genealogy Site is the Home Page, and its supporting pages, like the "Contact” page" and this “About” page, that you are viewing right now. The Home Page, and its supporting pages, are the central hub points for this entire site, and combines are the smallest of the tree part of the web site.

The second part of the MACJR’S Genealogy Site is "MACJR'S Family Tree." Also known as the "MACJR'S Genealogy Pages". Although I did get a good start on the Family Tree pages, many years back, I left those pages far from complete and I am still trying to get back to work on those pages. Those pages are so old that they now need to be completely redesigned, from the ground up. I do hope to get started on that renovation project sometime within the next year, or two. I have other web sites that I want to work on first though, so I cannot be sure just how long it will take for me to get back to work over here at this web site.

The third part of MACJR’S Genealogy website is MACJR’S Family Pictures. Those pages are also very old and outdated now, and in dire need of being completely reworked, also from the ground up. There are some old pages still online, but they are not currently linked to the Home Page. Those pages will be removed, and new pages built at a different location here at, when time allows.

I will add more information about this site when I can dedicate more time for these pages.

Warm regards,

Michael A. Crane, Jr.
January 05, 2018