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Newlyweds, Michael and Lisa Crane
Newlyweds - Lisa A. Hamlin and Michael A. Crane, Jr.
Location: Everett, Snohomish, WA, Sep 1983
Photographer: Dorothy June Crane
Digitally re-mastered by: Michael A. Crane, Jr.


  • Name: Lisa Ann Hamlin
  • Sex: Female
  • Birth: 13 Nov 1961 in Lynwood, Los Angeles, CA, USA 1
  • Death: 04 Jan 2004 2
  • Method of Disposition: Cremation 3
  • Note:
    Lisa reverted back to her maiden name sometime before her death.

Father: Royal Clair Hamlin b: 06 Aug 1937
Mother: Living Marish


Marriage 1 Michael Allen Crane, Jr. b: 02 May 1962

  • Married: 17 Sep 1983 in Everett, Snohomish, WA, USA 4


  1. blank space Michael Allen Crane, III b: 19 Dec 1983
  2. blank space Christy Lynn Crane b: 22 Nov 1984


Marriage 2 Living Trettevik

  • Married: Abt. Aug 1989 5


  • A Personal Note:

Searching for clues I found the unexpected, Lisa Ann Hamlin had died.

It was one of those moments where the word dumbfounded becomes an adequate word to describe how I felt. There was no cause of death listed for Lisa in the database and I could find no obituaries listed in the online archives for the local newspapers. The next day I went to the local vital statistics department and purchased a certified copy of Lisa's death certificate. I was allowed to do this because she had been my wife, and therefore, was still family.

I understood enough of the medical terminology on the death certificate to grasp most of what happened to Lisa, a friendly nurse helped me clarify some of the Latin I was not sure about. I had understood about the blood clot in the left leg because Lisa had that same problem a few months after we were married and had spent several days in the hospital because of it. But, this time, the blood clot had jogged loose and went to her lungs before Lisa could get to a hospital. This time, the blood clot that formed in Lisa's left leg ended up killing her.

I wrote the following poem for Lisa, within an hour of finding that she had died.


A sad goodbye


Dear Lisa,

I didn't know you had died
Nor do I know what happened
But I will search for answers
And find where you lie
To pay my last respects

I am sorry I was not a good husband to you
Please forgive me for those bad times
I hope you are at peace now

Please hold our children close
Now that you can be with them
I miss them so
And now I realize
I miss you too


Michael A. Crane, Jr.
July 14, 2004


I posted the above poem, "A sad goodbye" within the online database where I found the information about Lisa's death. The poem is identical to the one posted at

16 Jun 2005


Lisa and daughter, Christy L. Crane
Lisa and daughter, Christy L. Crane
Location: Snohomish County, WA, 1985
Photographer: Dorothy June Crane
Digitally re-mastered by: Michael A. Crane, Jr.


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